SANTA CLARA, CA -- May 13, 2002 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. is making the delivery of network applications simpler and more affordable than ever with the introduction of the Sun Cobalt RaQ(tm) 550 server appliance.
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The Strongbolt2 ROM
With the arrival of Strongbolt2, we have a new ROM for Cobalt servers.
The new ROM is based on the source from sourceforge.net, but modified to include a 2.6 kernel. The reason for this is to facillitate booting from USB and support for extra hardware.
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Strongbolt 2 upgrade released
A new year sees a completely new release of Strongbolt.
The Strongbolt2 upgrade is an easy process that just involves installing a couple of packages through the package management interface (bluelinq).
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Support from OS Office is nothing short of amazing.
Finding companies that stand behind their products these days can be challenging, but the staff at OS Office proves they still exist.
I continue to be stunned by their response times and outstanding service.
Jim Murray
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Hosting Support

Hosting Support

OS Office let you take failure out of the equation. Provide your customers with peace of mind, and focus on the job of design and development.

Not only do we have out of the box support packages available, but we can also provide you with bespoke hosting support solutions to provide failover protection.

 “For us the choice was simple, hire a full time systems administrator for maybe £1700 a month, or take a support package for £200 a month. OS Office have only been called on a few times to answer our support calls and whether day or night their response has been swift.”
Reuben Pearson Work-LIVE - Senior Software Engineer

If you require Linux Hosting Support you can look at our Support level pricing, phone or email to find out more.